Housekeeping/Laundry(Female) Vacancy In Romania

May 24, 2023
LKR rs168300

Job Description

Housekeeping/Laundry(Female) Vacancy In Romania. We are currently seeking a dedicated and experienced Housekeeping/Laundry professional to join a leading company in Romania. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with a passion for maintaining cleanliness and providing exceptional service. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of various areas within the company’s premises, as well as managing laundry services efficiently.

Qualifications and Experience:

To be considered for this position, you should meet the following qualifications:

  1. Experience: A minimum of one year of experience in a similar housekeeping or laundry capacity is required. This experience will demonstrate your understanding of cleaning techniques, laundry operations, and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  2. Attention to Detail: The role demands meticulous attention to detail to ensure cleanliness and proper handling of laundry items. Your ability to spot cleanliness issues, maintain a neat and organized work area, and follow specific instructions accurately will be essential.
  3. Physical Stamina: This position requires physical stamina as it involves standing for extended periods, bending, lifting heavy items, and performing repetitive tasks. You should be able to handle the physical demands of the job comfortably.

Benefits and Contract Details:

The successful candidate will be offered the following benefits and contract details:

  • Food: The company will provide meals during working hours to ensure you are well-nourished throughout the day.
  • Accommodation: Suitable accommodation will be provided by the company to ensure your comfort and convenience.
  • Medical: The company will cover your medical expenses, ensuring you have access to quality healthcare.
  • Transportation: Transportation services will be provided to ensure you can commute to and from work conveniently.
  • Working Hours and Days: You will be expected to work 10 hours per day for six days a week, allowing for one day off.
  • Contract Period: The initial contract period will be for two years, providing stability and opportunities for career growth.

If you are a dedicated and detail-oriented individual with experience in housekeeping and laundry services, we encourage you to apply for Housekeeping/Laundry(Female) Vacancy In Romania. Please send your resume to [email protected] to be