Kitchen And Culinary Vacancies In Romania

September 4, 2023
LKR rs161000 - LKR rs193200
Application ends: October 31, 2023
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Job Description

Are you passionate about the culinary arts and dream of working in a vibrant restaurant environment? Your culinary journey could begin in Romania, a country known for its rich food culture and historic charm. Our esteemed client, a leading restaurant in Romania, is currently offering an array of exciting vacancies that might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Available Vacancies:

  1. Waiter: If you have a flair for customer service and enjoy interacting with diners, this position could be your perfect match.
  2. Bartender: Showcase your mixology skills and craft exquisite cocktails in a dynamic setting.
  3. Cook: Flex your culinary muscles and create delectable dishes that will tantalize taste buds.
  4. Baker: If the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries makes your heart sing, this role is tailored for you.
  5. Cake Maker: Turn sugar and flour into works of art, delighting patrons with your cake creations.
  6. Housekeeping Attendant: Ensure the restaurant’s cleanliness and comfort, making it a welcoming place for guests.
  7. Female Cleaner: Contribute to the restaurant’s hygiene standards and play a vital role in maintaining its pristine condition.
  8. Pastry Cook: Elevate dessert offerings with your pastry skills, leaving a sweet impression on guests.
  9. Dishwasher: Play a pivotal behind-the-scenes role by keeping the kitchen running smoothly.
  10. Kitchen Helper: Assist the culinary team and gain valuable experience in a professional kitchen environment.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Medical and Accommodation: Enjoy the peace of mind of having medical coverage and comfortable accommodation provided.
  • Food: Relish either duty meals or receive a food allowance, ensuring you’re well-fed during your workdays.
  • Working Hours: Embrace a fulfilling work-life balance with 10-hour workdays.
  • Working Days: Have 6 days a week to immerse yourself in the culinary world.
  • Contract: Secure a 2-year contract that’s renewable, offering stability and growth opportunities.


To thrive in these roles, candidates should have prior experience in a similar capacity. Whether you’re an experienced professional or looking to kickstart your culinary career, your passion for food and hospitality will be your greatest asset.

If you’re excited about the prospect of joining an esteemed restaurant in Romania, we invite you to take this opportunity to further your culinary journey. Send your resume to [email protected], and step into the world of culinary excellence in the heart of Romania. Embark on a rewarding adventure where your skills and passion for food can shine, all while experiencing the rich culture and hospitality of this beautiful European country. Your culinary dreams await in Romania!