Exciting Career Opportunities for Skilled Professionals in Romania.

May 28, 2024
LKR rs195000 - LKR rs292500

Job Description

Are you looking to advance your career in Europe? This is your chance to join a leading company in Romania, offering a range of opportunities for skilled professionals. Our client is currently seeking qualified individuals for the following positions: Mechanical Engineers, Plumbers, Blacksmiths, Mechanical Technicians, Welders, and Auto Painters.

Contract Details

  • Contract Period: 2 years, extendable upon mutual agreement
  • Benefits: We provide free food, accommodation, medical facilities, and transportation to all our employees.

Qualifications Required

To be eligible for these positions, you must possess relevant experience in your respective field. We value expertise and dedication, and we are looking for professionals who are ready to contribute to our dynamic team.

Available Positions

  1. Mechanical Engineers: Responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining machinery.
  2. Plumbers: Skilled in installing and repairing water systems.
  3. Blacksmiths: Experts in crafting metal objects.
  4. Mechanical Technicians: Focused on the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment.
  5. Welders: Proficient in joining metal parts with high precision.
  6. Auto Painters: Specializing in painting and finishing automobiles.

Application Process

Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. Don’t miss your chance to work with a top company in Romania and gain valuable experience in Europe. To apply, send your resume to manager.eimts@gmail.com. Join us and pave the way to a successful career in Europe. Act now and secure your future with us!