1. Documents or photographs submitted with the application will NOT be returned.

2. All information provided must be true and accurate. 

3. It could take up to 3 months to find a suitable job overseas and therefore the agency reserves the right to hold your passport for a period of 3 months. 

4. A timeframe from two to six months may elapse between selection and departure to the country of employment.

5. After having read, understood and signed the letter of employment from the overseas client, and having received the employment visa and air-ticket for travel, you shall duly travel at the appointed date specified by Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Service. Should you postpone or delay your scheduled flight due to your own personal reasons, you will be required to pay the necessary costs involved to make alternative flight bookings and/or cancellation fee, or re-schedule of flight cost, etc.

6. Should you decide, for reasons whatsoever, not to travel, after having received your employment visa and air-ticket for your confirmed employment overseas, you will bear the entire cost of the Air-ticket, visa fees, and all other administrative charges laid down by Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Service.

7. The entire application form should be filled clearly and legibly. The education and work experience sections should contain as much information as possible. If the space provided is not enough, attach a sheet of paper.

8. Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services may contact referees provided in the application from, as well as previous employers, in order to process an application on your behalf and I confirm my acceptance to this.

9. Applicants are advised that Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services charges no fees or commission from applicants and has no agents or brokers anywhere in Sri Lanka nor has any person been authorized by Emerald Isle Manpower & Travels to collect any fee or commission from applicants.

10. No payment whatsoever should be made by an applicant to any person claiming to represent Emerald Isle Manpower & Travels of claiming to be able to influence Emerald Isle Manpower & Travels in the selection of personnel for employment abroad. Any such attempts by any person should be brought to the immediate notice of the Chief Executive Officer of Emerald Isle Manpower and Travel Services.

11. A selected candidate may take up his/her appointment only after a valid entry visa is issued by the Government of the country of employment. Work permits from the prospective employer are required in some cases. Applicants giving up their employment or other means of living in Sri Lanka before receipt of valid visas to enter the country of employment do so at their own risk. Applicants should always consult Emerald Isle Manpower & Travels before resigning from their current employment and/or businesses.

12. Applicants may have to make several visits before and after selection to the office of Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services and/ or to other offices instructions and Embassies for interviews. All expenses for medical examinations, passports, visas, work permits, required in order to take up employment abroad must be borne by the applicant. Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services accepts no financial liability whatsoever in this regard.

13. Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services would screen, short-list and send CV’s to its overseas clients only of suitably qualified applicants that are required by its clients. The prospective employer may cancel the request for recruitment prior to or after selection by Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services and may even refuse to employ applicants after such selection. Information with regard to such cancellation of the request for recruitment or refusal to employ selected candidates may reach Emerald Isle Manpower prior to or even after the departure of applicants to the country of employment in which event the applicants may not depart, or if they have departed, may have to return to Sri Lanka.

14. If no visa is issued by the Government of the foreign country to which the selected candidate has been offered employment, the job offer will automatically lapse. Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services shall notbe held responsible for any losses incurred such circumstances, and shall not pay compensation of any kind, monitory or otherwise.

15. The employer having employed the applicant may terminate service on any grounds including but not limited to, false or incorrect information furnished by the applicant is his application, misconduct, lack of experience or qualifications, physical or mental unfitness, refusal to perform duties, work performance below required standard violation of laws of the country of employment, it’s customs, manners and beliefs religious or otherwise.

16. The applicants are hereby advised that Emerald Isle Manpower & Travel Services accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damages to the applicant or for any consequences arising from any happening. All expenses and risk of seeking and obtaining employment abroad by registration with Emerald Isle Manpower & travel Services are to be borne solely and exclusively by the applicants and no claims shall be made against Emerald Isle Manpower for refunds, reimbursement, losses, damages or compensation.

17. Candidates appearing for interview with permanent body tattoo(s)/ Scars/ Marks must submit separate photographs of the Tatoo(s) with details and will need a description. Candidates who are applying to certain companies where tattoos are not allowed or limited, as declared by the Company policies (It is up to each respective client/company as to their company policy), are not permitted to have permanent body tattoos on any part of the body. In case during medical examination, a candidate is found to be having a permanent body tattoo(s) which was not earlier declared by him/her prior to the primary interview he/she has to bear the consequences and the cost. In case a candidate has undergone removal of tattoo(s) prior to appearing for interview and the same has faded substantially, this will be treated as a “scar” and not a tattoo. Such candidates will be permitted to undergo the entire selection process subject to approval by the relevant Company.

Emerald Isle Manpower will do its best to find alternative employment to such applicants whose attempts to obtain employment abroad through Emerald Isle Manpower have been frustrated by circumstances and where Emerald Isle Manpower is successful in obtaining alternative employment shall so advise the applicants.