Heavy Vehicle Operator Vacancies In Saudi Arabia

Job Description

Heavy vehicle operator vacancies in Saudi Arabia. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in Saudi Arabia, enriching your career with invaluable experiences? Our client is offering exciting vacancies for skilled individuals like you to join their team. With positions available for dozer operators, grader operators, and loader operators, this is your chance to realize your ambitions in one of the most dynamic regions in the world.

Position Details

  • Working Hours: You’ll be engaged for 10.5 hours per day, providing ample time to contribute your expertise effectively.
  • Working Days: Prepare for six productive days per week, ensuring a steady pace of work and ample time for rest and rejuvenation.
  • Contract Period: Commit to a rewarding journey spanning two years, allowing for substantial growth and stability in your career trajectory.

Comprehensive Benefits

Our client prioritizes your well-being and comfort, offering an array of comprehensive benefits, all provided free of charge. Enjoy:

  • Accommodation: Experience hassle-free living with comfortable housing arrangements.
  • Medical Coverage: Access top-tier healthcare facilities to ensure your health and safety throughout your tenure.
  • Transportation: Seamless commutes are guaranteed with convenient transportation services provided.
  • Air Tickets: Facilitating your travel needs, our client ensures smooth transitions with complimentary air tickets.
  • Food Allowances: Receive SAR 250 allowances to cater to your dietary needs, ensuring you remain energized and focused on your responsibilities.


To seize this unparalleled opportunity, candidates must possess:

  • Relevant Experience: Demonstrate proficiency in a similar capacity, showcasing your ability to excel in the role.
  • Valid HV License: Hold a valid Heavy vehicle (HV) license, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and operational standards.

Seize the Moment

Opportunities like these are rare and fleeting. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your career in Saudi Arabia. Take the first step towards a brighter future by sending your resume to the provided email address.

Embrace this opportunity to unlock new horizons and realize your professional aspirations in the vibrant landscape of Saudi Arabia. Apply now and embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment.