Agriculture Store Vacancies In Qatar

May 13, 2024
LKR rs202500

Job Description

Agriculture Store Vacancies In Qatar, our client is extending lucrative career opportunities in Qatar for proficient individuals with expertise in the vegetable and fruit industry. With vacancies for a Packaging Supervisor and a Store Keeper, Emerald Isle aims to bolster its operational efficiency and uphold its commitment to excellence. This information delineates the specifics of these roles, tailored to attract qualified candidates seeking to join our esteemed client in Qatar.

Packaging Supervisor:

our client seeks a dynamic Packaging Supervisor proficient in both English and Hindi to oversee the meticulous packaging of vegetables and fruits. The ideal candidate should exhibit a profound understanding of packaging techniques and possess excellent interpersonal skills essential for effective team management. With a focus on quality assurance and adherence to operational protocols, the Packaging Supervisor will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless flow of operations within Emerald Isle’s facilities. Candidates with a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail are encouraged to apply and contribute to our client’s continued success in Qatar.

Store Keeper:

The role of storekeeper is responsible management of agriculture inventory, necessitating a candidate with at least two years of relevant experience. Proficiency in English communication is paramount, facilitating seamless interaction with colleagues and stakeholders. As Emerald Isle prioritizes the efficient storage and preservation of produce, the storekeeper’s role is instrumental in maintaining optimal stock levels and ensuring the integrity of stored goods. Candidates with prior experience in the agricultural or farm industry are particularly encouraged to apply, as they bring valuable insights and expertise to the role.


In conclusion, the career opportunities presented by our client in Qatar underscore the company’s commitment to fostering talent and driving innovation in the vegetable and fruit industry. With a comprehensive package offering accommodation, medical benefits, transportation, and air tickets, Emerald Isle ensures a conducive work environment conducive to professional growth and success. Prospective candidates are encouraged to seize this exceptional opportunity by submitting their resumes to, thus embarking on a rewarding journey with our esteemed client in Qatar.