Industrial Heavy Equipment Vacancies In Saudi Arabia

March 20, 2024
LKR rs243000 - LKR rs324000

Job Description

Introduction to Our Client

Our client stands as a prominent provider of heavy machinery, commercial vehicles, and generator sets, representing globally renowned brands within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). With a commitment to excellence, they offer industry-leading solutions and services, contributing significantly to the infrastructure and development sectors.

Industrial Heavy Equipment Vacancy Details

Currently, our client has exciting opportunities available for skilled professionals to join their team. They are seeking individuals proficient in various roles crucial to their operations:

  1. Welders (TIG and MIG): Ideal candidates will possess prior experience in welding, particularly in TIG and MIG techniques. Their expertise will be instrumental in maintaining and repairing heavy machinery components.
  2. Heavy Equipment Electrician: Applicants for this role should demonstrate proficiency in handling electrical systems specific to heavy equipment. Experience with Komatsu machinery is highly desirable, reflecting our client’s focus on quality and specialization.
  3. Heavy Equipment Mechanic: Candidates with a background in heavy equipment maintenance and repair, particularly with Komatsu machinery, are encouraged to apply. Their skills will be pivotal in ensuring the smooth functioning of our client’s equipment fleet.

Working Conditions and Benefits

  • Work Hours: 10 hours per day, 6 days per week.
  • Contract Period: Successful candidates will be offered a two-year contract, providing stability and security.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Employees will receive a comprehensive package that includes accommodation, transportation allowances, and medical coverage.
  • Travel Opportunities: Air tickets will be provided, offering the chance for travel and exploration.

How to Apply

This is a rare opportunity to become part of a dynamic team driving innovation and excellence in the heavy machinery industry. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their resumes to without delay. Don’t miss out on this chance to advance your career and contribute to impactful projects within KSA.


Joining our client’s team presents a unique chance for professionals to thrive in a stimulating work environment with the current industrial heavy equipment vacancies while making meaningful contributions to critical sectors. Seize this opportunity today and embark on a fulfilling career journey with a leading industry player in KSA.