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Best CV Format for Freshers (With Resume Template for Freshers)

Best CV Format for Freshers

In this blog, we will discuss the best cv format for freshers and also highlight effective resume templates for beginners. Looking for your first job? Well, if so, then you are reading an important article. We understand that finding a job can be difficult especially if you are a newcomer, thus we stress the importance of a strong CV. The resume is the first point of contact between the candidate and the recruiter. There is no strict resume format for freshmen, however, there are some tried and tested tips that double the likelihood of getting your resume shortlisted.

Best CV Format for Freshers

Here are some pro tips to create an effective resume especially if you are a fresher.

1. Be Crisp & To the Point

A usual CV format for fresher which is widely accepted on the professional front is that a resume should be crisp & should not exceed more than one page.

A one-page resume is considered to be crisp & effective.

Ensure you use short sentences & provide brief information about your professional profile.

2. Provide Details about Relevant Skills

While drafting a resume, provide details of relevant skills which may prove handy for the position you are applying for.

Do not underestimate your skillset; it’s advised to provide maximum details about your professional skills.

Being a fresher these skills are the only professional tool that can help you get the desired job.

3. Mention your Internships in Bold

Internships are the only piece of professional experience to show. Mention your internships in bold to ensure maximum visibility.

Maximum Most recruiters want to know how an applicant can make a difference upon joining a firm.

This can be showcased only by including the gist of any impact-based oriented tasks which you might have completed during your internship previously.

4. Updated Resume Header

A resume header gives details about the applicant’s name, contact number, email, social media links, etc. This is the first thing that can be seen on a resume.

Ensure that all the correct details are provided in this section of your resume. One mistake & the recruiter wouldn’t be able to contact you at all.

Also be particular about what information you share – for example a link to your portfolio as graphic designer may be helpful but your social media profile may not be,

For Example:

5. Draft a Strong Profile Summary

One of the most important parts of an ideal resume format for freshers is a well-drafted profile summary.

A profile summary sums up the intentions, goals & professional zeal of a fresher to work for an organization.

An ideal profile summary also highlights candidates’ motivation to apply for that specific job role.

6. Educational Background & Languages

An ideal CV format for freshers provides relevant information in a crisp yet effective manner.

Briefly mention educational qualifications especially if they are relevant to the job opening you are applying for.

Apart from the educational background also mention the languages you can read, write & speak well.

These days a command over multiple languages can prove to be quite handy in fetching a job.

Resume Templates for Freshers

Here are a few resume templates for freshers which may help you find the your desired job.

Best CV Format for Freshers

Sample 2:

Best CV Format for Freshers

Professional hirings are is heavily dependent on resume impressions as the average number of candidates applying for jobs has increased multiple foldsis huge.

This gives recruiters little time to shortlist candidates merely on their resumes.

Thus a resume needs to be eye-catching to maximize chances of being shortlisted.

In the case of freshers its the uniqueness or completeness of a resume leave a first impression on recruiters about the candidate as there is nothing to consider in terms of professional experience.

Thus your resume needs to be on point to get your desired job.

We hope the above mentioned resume tips & templates shall help you draft that perfect resume.

Best of luck!