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Discover verified foreign job listings on the Emerald Isle website, the largest job portal in Sri Lanka. Find exciting opportunities for software engineers, chefs, and more under the "foreign jobs" tab. Work abroad and advance your career with trusted listings from the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. Explore the best career paths and enjoy the stability of expatriate life. Emerald Isle also serves as a trusted employer recruitment agency, ensuring access to top opportunities.



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If you're keen on living abroad, there's always the option of finding jobs in foreign countries. The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment verifies numerous foreign job listings for those seeking work overseas. To explore these opportunities, visit our Emerald Isle website and navigate to the "foreign jobs" section. Here, you'll find diverse foreign job openings for software engineers, private sector roles, and even chefs, offering the chance to explore new places while maintaining job stability. As an expatriate, you can progress in your career by applying for various positions in your chosen destination. By considering foreign job options in different countries, you can chart a rewarding career path abroad. Emerald Isle isn't just the premier foreign job portal in Sri Lanka; it also serves as a reliable employer recruitment agency, streamlining the process of finding suitable employment opportunities.