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20 Fun Facts About the World That Sound Absurd But Are Actually True

One of the most interesting things about traveling is finding out why things are the way they are today. From hidden secrets to strange phenomena, here are 20 things about the world that may seem absurd at first, but have actually proven to be fun facts of the day!

Fun Facts of the Day

1) It snows in the Sahara Desert

Deserts are known to have very low rainfall. If rain is rare, snow will be even rarer, right? Well, the impossible happened in 2018 and the Sahara desert was covered in white snow. However, the snow only lasted a day before melting under the hot sun.

The first recorded snowfall was in 1979 – a blizzard that lasted half an hour. Even if the temperature drops to freezing at night, the lack of moisture makes it almost impossible to form snow. Be that as it may, who knows, you may be sufficiently fortunate to see it on your next outing to the Sahara!

2) There are only two countries in the world where Coca Cola does not exist

You might think that Coca-Cola is something you can find anywhere in the world, but these two countries have been under long-standing US trade embargoes — North Korea since 1950 and Cuba since 1962.

However, North Korea has developed its own dark colored soda. Which is called as Ryongjin Cola or ‘Cocoa Sparkling’. It has the same red packaging and cursive font, but the same great taste? 🤔 Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it!

3) Sudan has the most pyramids in the world (not Egypt)

fun facts of the day

Egypt and pyramids are almost synonymous, but did you know that Sudan also has pyramids? Nubia in Sudan has 255 pyramids – twice the number in Egypt!

After ruling Egypt’s 25th dynasty, the Nubian pharaohs fled to Sudan and formed the Kushite kingdom, incorporating Egyptian culture into their new city.

The Nubian pyramids are not quite as broadly visited as those in Egypt. So chances are you have the pyramids to yourself!

Jebel Barkal is the most productive of the four main sites. The pyramids there are well preserved and stand near a small hill. Climb the hill just before sunset for amazing views of the Nile!

4) Colombia’s brightest rainbow is in its river

fun facts of the day

Normally you can see rainbows in the sky, but the Kano Crystals, also known as the “River of Five Colors”, shine brighter than any rainbow in the sky.

Located in Colombia’s Serrania de la Macarena National Natural Park, this stunning river owes its multicolored beauty to the riverside plant Macarenia clavigera. It is best to visit between May and November when the river weeds bloom in yellow, blue, green and red colors. At this time, the waters are shallower so they take on brighter hues and allow sunlight to reach the plants. fun facts of the day

5) The Sahara Desert used to be a tropical rainforest

fun facts of the day

Sahara again?! Trust me, it’s extra awesome.

Sahara desert is known as the most sweltering desert on the planet. However, 6,000 years ago, this arid land was a lush rainforest with dense vegetation and high rainfall.

Although we may not see the Sahara in full bloom, future generations may. If the world survives the next 10,000 years, the same steady change in climate will make the Sahara look completely different.

6) Macchu Pichu is an earthquake-proof city

fun facts of the day

This ancient Inca city sits atop two fault lines in Peru. That is, earthquakes are expected events. So how did they live?

In fact, the Incans developed a brilliant engineering technique called ‘ashler masonry’, where rocks are cut to fit perfectly without mortar. This allowed the stones to move in place during an earthquake. Genius or what?!

7) You could walk from Russia to Alaska (on ice)

fun facts of the day

Between Russia and Alaska lies the Bering Strait. In winter when it freezes, you can travel 3.8 km.

Be that as it may, on the grounds that it’s conceivable, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate! Or safer, the sea breeze is so cold that the ice below can shift.

In 2006, two adventurers set out from Alaska to cross the frozen trail on foot. They covered 90km in 15 days before being detained in Russia for violating immigration laws.

*Pro tip: Don’t do it!

8) China has only one timezone

fun facts of the day

It is better to have the same time zone if the sun rises and sets at the same time for everyone. However, as Beijing prepares to go to bed at midnight, people in Xinjiang are starting to watch the sunset.

Considering how the US is almost the size of China with six time zones, that’s pretty brutal! Interestingly, China does not always operate on Beijing time. Beijing Standard Time was established only in 1949 – a decision by Chairman Mao Zedong in the name of national unity.

Prior to that, in 1912, there were five recognized time zones ranging from five and a half to eight and a half hours past Greenwich Mean Time.

Fortunately, working around a time zone is a minor inconvenience for the Chinese. However, travelers planning to backpack through China should prepare their body clocks for a little jitters 🤪

9) San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Bridge ‘speaks’

fun facts of the day

This is one of the new facts about the world. In June 2020, San Francisco’s beloved Golden Gate Bridge began talking about some revisions to the rails on the bike path. Indeed.

San Franciscans report hearing strange sounds from miles away!
City officials explained that this was a case of too much wind blowing through the new handles. The scaffold is more secure for clients when it faces less wind obstruction.

So, the sound is a good sign of strong wind passing smoothly through the bridge! fun facts of the day

10) You can go on a safari in Sri Lanka

fun facts of the day

Kenya isn’t the only safari experience – there’s another close to home with its own amazing wildlife for half the price!

Less than four hours away, in beautiful Sri Lanka, is Asia’s very own safari. In the open plains of Yala National Park, you can spot elephants, leopards and even waterfowl!

Or head to Wilpattu National Park to see the axis deer and sloth bears! 🦌

The best time to visit is between March and October – the water level is low and you’ll see more animals coming out to drink.

Another cool fact about Sri Lanka is the annual sighting of migrating blue whales! From December to April, the world’s largest animals feast on krill on the south coast.

Whales usually hang out in the waters off Mirissa. You’ll pass through town on your way to Yala National Park, so why not pop in for some whale watching before your safari adventure! fun facts of the day