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How to prepare for an overseas interview?


Are you a person whose aspirations are on an overseas job? Then, check out our detailed tips to secure a successful Interview Tips exclusively from Emerald Isle! 

1. Preparing for a job interview is no cake walk. It needs good time and most of all it needs your confidence.  Having good confidence on yourself and your work exposure will reflect a good personality and wins the trust of the Interviewer. As said ‘first impression is what matters’ 

2. Amend /redo your CV a number of times depending on the position you’re applying  for. Don’t shoot the same CV for all the job opportunities that you come across. Cater your CV for the JD of the position and make sure you have the right skills that is looked for. 

3. Have all your previous certificates, service letters and most of all have a valid passport ready to attempt overseas interviews. Having a valid passport will make the overseas interviewer know that your ‘document ready’ and have made plans to be deployed. The service letters you hold will give proof for your work experience and also good character mentions are a plus point. 

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4. Have 2-3 references ready who could recommend you to a position that you’re applying for. Ideally your referees should be direct Superiors and Managers who had directly managed you. They should be able to give a brief description of your current or previous work experience and must recommend you in a positive manner. Do not encourage friends or relatives to be referees as these will be turndown on you. 

5. Have good communication skills. This doesn’t mean that you answer only the questions asked. Communication is a two way process and you should be able to answer the question as well as describe the answer in a detailed manner especially when asked about your job role or work experience.  Basic skills in English is mandatory for an overseas job.

6. Go through videos or articles on what type of questions a Client may ask. Emerald Isle gives you a detailed document of possible questions and how you may answer so that you could expect the unexpected and be well prepared in advance. 

7. It’s all on you! Your attitude, skillset and experience is what matters the most end of the day. If you need the job for yourself, make sure you are prepared with the basics as mentioned here and groom yourself when walking in. 

Interview Tips from Emerald Isle Manpower

The way you dress is an expression of your personality. 


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Interviews are your chance to sell your skills and abilities.